Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

We envision a future where organizations of all sizes are able to develop software more efficiently, on time and on budget, as well as penetrate their markets faster by aligning technical agility with business goals.

Mission Statement

At Slick Rabbit, our mission is to assess, educate, and work with companies to achieve technical agility in their software systems and processes, regardless of size or complexity, so that that businesses can keep up with the rapid pace of change in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our Approach

Despite the unique challenges and situations of each engagement, we have a consistent approach that will guarantee that we can deliver significant measurable value to your company. Whether we coach executives, teams, or perform training, we always start by choosing the right measures of progress. We work closely with you to determine what matters most to your business and align our efforts directly with those goals. Using our proprietary assessments and other tools, we baseline your current state and help you to envision an ideal end state. We provide guidance and support to measure key indicators of success along the way, and regularly review our progress. Our engagements are never about doing work, they are about seeing results.

Corporate Principles and Values

We believe that excellent software adds measurable value to people’s quality of life.  We also believe that the world around us changes quickly, and software systems and teams must either change with it or become obsolete.

We are dedicated to achieving our mission by:

  • Leading by example,
  • Inspiring by passion,
  • Educating by facilitating the learning process for others,
  • Solving problems by thinking creatively,
  • Taking responsibility by taking action,
  • Improving by continuously learning,
  • Creating better software by being agile.