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Technical Agility Coaching

Slick Rabbit Technical Agility coaches quickly and effectively resolve the technical hurdles that prevent enterprises from reaching their business goals and true potential. Technical Agility coaches start by evaluating key business objectives and creating customized Technical Agility assessments aligned with those goals. Coaches then guide the company through a baseline assessment and set quantitative targets before creating a detailed strategic improvement plan and work backlog. Accountability remains high when working with dedicated coaches who stay focused on results and offer both direction and support if targets are not consistently met. As a result of their technical expertise, coaches also provide hands on refactoring and code analysis.

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Agile Team Coaching

TeamworkWhen your teams are using Agile, but not fully comfortable with the process yet, having a strong Agile leader can keep a team focused on adhering to the values and principles.  Experienced coaches are most helpful when good habits have not yet become fully ingrained in a team’s way of working. Our coaches will become a member of your teams and help develop strong, productive, and healthy team habits. We are compassionate, respectful, encouraging, and constructively critical. We value objectiveness and experience, and listen intently to the people we are helping. After working with us, your teams will be stronger, healthier, and more productive. In addition, our deep technical knowledge and experience will allow us to perform hands on technical training that will help your teams create better, more agile systems.

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Agile Leadership Coaching

DanAction1Whether an organization has just started to adopt Agile or has years of experience with applying the techniques, most enterprises struggle with managing large-scale Agile efforts. In truth, whether Agile or not, managing any large-scale effort in an enterprise poses a daunting challenge to even the most experienced executives. Agile Program Management requires strong servant leadership skills, expert level experience applying Agile principles at scale, and an ability to promote consistent culture and process. These skills can be dramatically different from the skills required to manage a traditional development organization, and we often see very strong leaders underestimate the challenge of learning these new skills. Our leadership coaches work closely with you and provide the support and guidance you need to learn faster and make fewer mistakes. We respect your skills as a leader, and seek to understand your true challenges before making suggestions for improvement. After working with a leadership coach, you will become a stronger servant leader, dramatically expand your Agile knowledge, be better equipped to evaluate and improve the health of large scale Agile efforts, and effect positive, lasting change in your organization.

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Agile Training

Every great coach spends a large portion of their time training on site, but sometimes you need more formal training on specific topics of interest. For that reason, we offer training classes and certifications in various techniques, such as SAFe Certified Scaled Agilist training. We have a number of courses available in technical practices such as Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, or Object Oriented Design Principles. Other topics include Scrum Master and Product Owner training, Agile Introductory training, and many more. Our trainers favor experiential learning and experimentation to make the classes more engaging, interactive, and effective. After taking one of our training classes, you will come away with a powerful set of knowledge and experience, and in many cases, an industry recognized certification.

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